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In 1998 a group of university people under the initiative of Prof. Dr. Josué Cortés Zárate, were concerned about the growth and quality of education at all levels in a new international context, especially the impact of globalization on higher education. FESI (International Higher Education Foundation) was then created as a response to the dramatic changes in Higher Education Institutions and schools in general caused by new technologies and the new world order that affect every human activity. FESI is a Non-profit, Non governmental organization that, to put it simply, promotes the internationalization of education, as a way to achieve social development, economical growth and better understanding among all nations of the globe.


About FESI FESI takes advantage of all the force and talent of those involved with the organization to work in an intelligent manner, so that all may learn and continually expand our capacity to create the future.

About FESI FESI works under the guidance of a Board of Directors and with the advice of an International Advisory Council.

About FESI FESI is financed by membership fees, through events, publications, consulting, and in-kind contributions. No single institution or government entity provides our financing and because of that we are an organization that can provide independent opinions and take purposeful actions at any time, locally and globaly. Membership is by invitation only.

About FESI Nevertheless FESI NETWORK is open, and up-to-date, includes more than 3000 participants from 600 institutions in 25 countries.